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Platinum Models Canada. Canada's largest escort agency
Escorts in Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Oakville, Burlington, Missaussaga, Scarborough, Brantford, Ancaste, Dundasr, Caledonia and Binbrook
Platinum Models Hamilton

Hamilton Escorts

Platinum Models Hamilton Escorts

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Monday, February 20th

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      Hours of operation

      We are open 7 days/week:
      Noon - 4 a.m.
      (After hours available upon request)

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      Call (289) 442-0431
      or 1-800-893-5288

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      Areas we serve

      • Hamilton, Stoney Creek
      • Oakville, Burlington
      • Missaussaga, Scarborough
      • Brantford, Ancaste, Dundasr
      • Caledonia, Binbrook
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